Best Practice Examples

greenfoods collageA central part of the GREENFOODS project was to identify opportunities to improve the food and drink industry’s energy efficiency. The auditing stage of the project provided information on the existing energy performance of the industry as well as examples of the best performers and best available techniques.

This section collects best practice examples – real implementations – from the industry, which will contribute to the guidelines for the implementation of best available technologies and showcase the existing experience in the food and drink industry that other companies can benefit from. Implementations done within GREENFOODS can be found in the Publications section (Deliverable 3.3).

A detailed analysis in 20 companies consiting of a factsheet summarising the data of the audits can be downloaded here. A detailed implementation concept of 5 companies consiting of a basic engineering report usable as best practice case studies can be downloaded here.

Best practice examples are categorised by the industry subsectors and will aim to show potentials for energy and resource efficiency improvements.

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