Project Name: Biogal
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Project Description:
The biogas plant in Boleszyn was built next to the pig farm. The substrates in this biogas plant are: manure, corn silage, as well as distillery stillage and whey. In the process four different co- substrates are stably fermented yielding high biogas production. All in all 43,900 tons of maize silage, slurry, distillery stillage and whey are used to produce 8.5 mln kWh of electricity and 9.2 mln kWh of heat per year. In the near future it is planned to expand the biogas plant capacity to 2 MW.

Biogas plant in Boleszyn is an example of investment which benefited both the farmers and the local community. Currently burdensome slurry formed during the rearing of pigs is not a problem for local residents, and additionally they receive hot water, so that the cost of winter heating has significantly decreased. Operator from Plock buys electricity. Heat produced in the biogas plant is also used by the local distillery.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 4.230.000 m3/year
  • Methane content: 53%
  • Installed power: 1.050 kWel, 1.156 kWth
  • Digesters: 3×4.239 m3
  • Substrate/year: 20.000t maize silage, 13.000t slurry, 7.300t whey, 3.600t distillery stillage
  • Input waste/substrate: 43.900 t/year

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