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Project Description:

The desire to manage waste from a nearby distillery, rotten fruit and vegetables (the so-called plant-waste) from supermarkets resulted in the construction of the first agro-industrial biogas plant in Poland. Installation in Skrzatusz is one of the very few biogas plants in Poland, which currently do not generate losses because as a raw material for biogas production uses only the waste, most of which gets for free.

It was to be the first, pilot project of Zeneris company in the biogas industry. The investor wanted to create its own design for the Polish market, because the others offered a ready project brought in a briefcase and not tailored to the needs of the real location. The owner of biogas plant in Skrzatusz applied another way to ensure its cost-effectiveness. He built the plant for drying wood. Thus the heat produced from biogas can be fully utilized. The biogas plant has its own biotechnological laboratory which makes possible to test various raw materials and obtained data allows to calculate how much of the substrate can be added.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 2.058.600 m3 / year
  • Installed power: 526 kWel, 558 kWth
  • Digesters: 3.795 m3
  • Substrate/year:
    • 15.800 t distillery stillage
    • 2.700 t carrot pomace
    • 5.500 t potato pulp
    • 5.500 t corn silage
    • 2.100 t waste protein
  • Input waste/substrate: 33.600 t/year

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