Daily Service Tiefkühllogistik 2

Food and beverage

Sub-Sector: others
Project Name: Daily Service Tiefkühllogistik fact_sheet_icon_25
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Changes in the production and energy supply:

  • Deep freeze doors are reduced, new airlocks , Inflatable seals and New frozen warehouse with an efficient Ammoniak/CO2 system. The waste heat from this cooling system is used for heating purposes

  • Lighting system replaced with LED

Project Description:

Daily service is a commercial and non-proprietary Logistics services company, providing the Austrian market with frozen products.

Via Daily service logistics systems, any manufacturer, dealer can distribute its frozen products to the food retail sector and to large users, without having to invest in logistics infrastructure. 108 HQI spotlights with 400 watts were replaced by 108 LED with 106 watts.The 666 fluorescent tubes, each with 52 watts were replaced with 25 watts LED. They radiate very little heat and consume less power.

External link to further information: www.energie-consulting.at

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