Ennstal Milch

Food and beverage

Sub-Sector: Milk products
Project Name: Ennstal Milch KGfact_sheet_icon_25
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Changes in the production and energy supply:

  • Replacement of compressor to variable speed compressor
  • Addition of heat recovery to existing ventilation systems by composite materials

Project Description:

The Enns milk KG is part of the rural cooperative.Their product range includes cheese, yogurt, desserts, spreads and other products.

The annual demand for electrical energy is about 9 GWh.Because of the increased cooling demand is the demand for electricity higher in summer by about 10% than in winter. The main focus was on renovation and refurbishment of two refrigeration systems,optimization of compressed air and heat recovery from ventilation systems which made the production process productive.

External link to further information: www.energie-consulting.at

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