Project Name: Ferti-NRJ
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Project Description:

The centralised biogas plant in Passel-Noyon has been operating since 2009. The plant processes 80% industrial waste such as sludge, greases, screening waste and production scraps, and 20% sewage sludge. It is authorised to process up to 38 000 t/a of waste. The waste is homogenised in a mixing tank before injection in the digestor. Fermentation takes place in two digesters (3000 m3 each).

The digestate is dried and valorised as compost (NFU 44-095). The gas feeds two generators (1,4 MW). The electrical energy produced (10 950 MWh / a) provides for the needs of 9000 inhabitants of a nearby town. The thermal energy produced (12 300 MWH / a) is entirely valorised on site to maintain digester temperature, buildings and offices and the drying of the digestate.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 4.500.000 m3/a (118 m3 / tons of waste treated)
  • Installed power: 1,4 MW
  • Digester type and volume (m3): 2x 3.000 m3
  • Type of waste used: industrial waste (sludge, greases, screening waste, production scraps), sewage sludge
  • Amount of waste/raw material used as substrate (t/year): up to 38.000 t/a (80% food waste)

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