Kraft und Stoff Dannenberg


Project Name: Kraft und Stoff Dannenberg
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Project Description:

An innovative concept of combined biogas plant and bio-methane filling station is located in Dannenberg. The operator and investor Horst Seide who is President of the German Biogas Association has invested into a future market. The station sells upgraded biogas from a spice producer’s waste, a fruit juice producer’s pomace and from energy crops since 2011.

As a result car drivers benefit from markedly reduced fuel prices since. The biofuel costs only 69 Cents compared to a liter of petrol.

Furthermore, CO2 emissions of biogas are 90 % lower than those of petrol. Surplus bio-methane is fed into the natural gas grid. A combined heat and power station produces additional heat and electricity which covers the internal energy requirements of the plant. Remaining electricity is fed into the public electricity grid. Extra heat and thermal discharge of the upgrading plant is transferred to a food producer through a district heating system.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 750 Nm3/h
  • Installed power: 690 kW (el.), 700 kW (therm.)
  • Bio-methane production: 200 Nm3/h
  • Digester: 1x 2.000 m3, wet fermentation
  • Process temperature: 39° C
  • Biogas upgrading method: AminSelect
  • Substrate input /a: 20.000 t maize, 15.000 t parsley stalks and fruit pulp

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