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Project Description:

The biogas plant in Kamenice was put into operation in 2010. It processes approximately 35 000 tons of animal by-products derived from primary agricultural production and 13 000 tons per year of energy crops. Hourly production of biogas, which is produced in two primary digesters with a capacity of 2 700 cubic meters and one secondary digester a volume of 3 400 cubic meters is 400 to 500 cubic meters. The produced biogas is burned in two cogeneration units with a total output of 990 kWel. 

Produced electric power is supplied to the distribution system and heat in addition to heating the fermentation tanks delivered to the customer for the purpose of drying wood. Own electricity energy consumption of the biogas plant is around 8%, depending on the produced output.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 120 – 150 m3 / h
  • Installed power: 250 kW
  • Digester type and volume (m3): Two-stage fermentation: 2x digester (1st stage) – 2.700 m3 and 2.700 m3 and 1x second digester (2nd stage) – 3.400 m3
  • Type of waste used: 30.000 t/year of pig manure, 5.000 t/year of bovine dung, 10.000 t/year of corn silage
  • Amount of waste/raw material used as substrate (t/year): 50.000 t organic wastes
  • Operating hours: 8.500 hours per year

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