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Project Name: REVICO
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Project Description:

The biogas plant in St. Laurent de Cognac was built in 1970 to valorise distillery waste from Cognac production. Approximately 300 000 t/a of vinasses are treated to produce 20000 MWh worth of biogas.

The vinasses are concentrated by mechanical vapour compression and tartric acid is precipitated with calcium carbonate. The vinasses are then sent to the 4 infinitely stirred – downflow recirculation –type digestors. Retention time is 3-4 weeks. The digestate (1200-1500 tonnes dry matter /a ) is decantated, mixed with ground plant matter waste, and used as agricultural compost. H2S is eliminated in a soda washing tower and the gas is dehydrated by condensation on an exchanger. A mobile tank containing activated carbon removes most pollutants. The gas is then compressed and valorised via 4 microturbines with an installed electrical power of 200 kW each. The electricity produced is sold and thermal energy is used for own purposes.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 20.000 MWh (converted to 13.500 MWh/a thermal energy + 3.300 MWH/a electric energy)
  • Installed power: up to 20.000 m3/day biogas production capacity
  • Digester type and volume (m3): infinitely stirred with downflow recirculation; 17.500 m3
  • Type of waste used: Cognac distillery residue
  • Amount of waste/raw material used as substrate (t/year): 300.000 t/a

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