Rudolf Großfurtner


Project Name: Rudolf Großfurtner
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Project Description:

This biogas plant in the village of St. Martin is directly integrated into the largest abattoir of Austria. The company Großfurtner slaughters 550,000 pigs and 50,000 cattle per year. It is the first biogas plant worldwide which exclusively uses slaughterhouse waste as substrate for biogas production. All in all 10,000 tons of blood, rumen content, colon content and grease separation material is used to produce 3.6 Mio. kWh electricity and 3.6 Mio. kWh heat per year.

The aim of the project was the improvement of the economic and ecological performance of this abattoir. Two cost intensive areas in the company are the energy costs (natural gas, electricity) and the disposal costs for the slaughterhouse waste. By using the slaughterhouse waste as substrate for biogas production Großfurtner can reduce the disposal costs and can cover approximately 33% of their electricity demand and 75% of their heat demand with renewable energies.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 5.000 m3/day
  • Methane content: 67% – 69%
  • Installed power: 525 kWel, 525 kWth
  • Digesters: 1x 600 m3, 2x 1.000 m3
  • Substrate/year:
    • 2.000 m3 blood
    • 1.000 t rumen content
    • 3.000 t colon content
    • 4.000 t grease separation material
  • Input waste/substrate: 170 – 230 t/week
  • Pre-treatment: continuous pasteurisation
  • Operating hours: 8.400 h/year

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