Rudolf Ölz

Food and beverage

Sub-Sector: Bread & Cakes
Project Name: Rudolf Ölz fact_sheet_icon_25
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Changes in the production and energy supply:

  • Expansion of the heat recovery, Increase the storage volume,optimization of the hydraulic, Improving the regulatory and Efficient use of temperature levels in cooling

Project Description:

Ölz master bakers is the clear market leader and the most popular baked goods brand in Austria. Production is located in Dornbirn at two locations “Wallenmahd” and

For the production of yeast and to leaven sourdough the tank must first heated and then cooled by Jacket cooling. Cooling is done by chillers with a total of six compressors and a cooling capacity of 26 kW and 128 kW. The power consumption of the main pump is reduced by frequency controlled pumps.

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