SolarBrew Göss, Austria

BPE_GoesserFood and beverage

Sub-Sector: Breweries
Project Name: SolarBrew Göss fact_sheet_icon_25
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Changes in the production and energy supply:

  • Process optimisation
  • Heat recovery
  • Storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Steam to hot water
  • RES: Solar Thermal

Project Description:
The mashing process has been changed to a low-temperature-process by integrating additional heat exchanger plates. Hot water is now used instead of steam, which allows better renewable energy integration. A 1,470 m² solar thermal collector field provides hot water for the mashing process.
A vapour condenser recovers the waste steam, which occurs during the start-up of the wort boiling process. The produced hot water is also integrated into the hot water distribution network of the brewery.

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