Tony Bräu

Food and beverage

Sub-Sector: Brewery
Project Name: Toni Bräu fact_sheet_icon_25 Toni Bräu (2) fact_sheet_icon_25
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Changes in the production and energy supply:

  • Waste energy from wort cooling has been integrated in the thermal storage
  • additionally a cold storage tank (ice storage) has been installed

Project Description:

Tony Bräu is a local small brewery producing beer for own restaurant and brewing cellar.

The owner is very interested in the sustainable production of beer (green production) and has invested in solar thermal, photovoltaics, internal heat recovery and a pellet boiler previously. By the measures realised a further step towards totally fossil fuel free beer production has been done.

Based on sustainable status quo of beer production including solar thermal, photovoltaics and pellet boiler further optimization potentials has been identified including an optimized storage management and control strategy. The realized measures are the integration of the waste heat from the wort cooling in an existing thermal storage and the installation of a photovoltaics driven cold storage (ice storage) in order to reduce the external energy demand.

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