ZD Krásná Hora


Project Name: ZD Krásná Hora
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Project Description:

The biogas plant in Krásná Hora nad Vltavou was put into operation in 2008. It processes annually 15 500 m3 of bovine dung and further processes corn silage in the amount of 8 820 tons per year and grass silage in the amount of 8 750 tons per year, for a total of 33 070 tons of organic waste per year. Hourly production of biogas changes from 250 to 270 m3/h that is produced in a two stage digester type circle in the circle. The produced gas is burned in a cogeneration unit type Jembacher, KH – JMS312 GS total output of 526 kWe. 

The produced electricity is partly used in the company for its own consumption in the amount of around 10% and the rest is delivered to the public network. The heat produced is used for own business.

Technology at a glance

  • Biogas production: 250 – 270 m3 / h
  • Installed power: 526 kW
  • Digester type and volume (m3): Two-stage fermentation: circle in the circle type
  • Type of waste used: 15.500 t/year of bovine dung, 8.820 t/year of corn silage, 8.750 t/year of grass silage
  • Amount of waste/raw material used as substrate (t/year): 33.070 t organic wastes
  • Operating hours: 8.500 hours per year

External link to further information: www.foodnet.cz

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