AIGUASOL. Sistemes avançats d’enginyeria solar tèrmica.

aiguasol _ 310AIGUASOL provides engineering and research services focused exclusively in the field of energy systems.  These services are studies, projects, research and development tasks with a high level of specialization and experience in urban planning, construction, industrial processes and power generation, with an approach that provides for energy planning, savings measures and energy efficiency, processes integration and RES implementation. AIGUASOL is a reference for dynamic simulation of thermal systems, and the exclusive distributor of TRNSYS, TRNSFLOW and a TRANSOL developer.

Country: Spain
Address: C/Roger de Llúria, 29 3er 2ona, 08009, Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 342 47 55
Fax: +34 93 342 45 56
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