Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation

FIAB_logoMadreING _ 310The Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation (FIAB) was created in 1977 to represent  –through one organization with a single voice– the Spanish food and drinks industry, the foremost industrial sector of the country. At present, it encompasses 47 associations.

Its main activity is informing the sector of developments that might affect their performance and representing their interests before different administrations and decision-making bodies at national, European and international level.

FIAB was one of the leading industry associations to joined the Spanish Confederation of Employers’ Organizations (CEOE). Also, in order to be able to represent the industry’s interests in the EU sphere, FIAB has maintained a permanent delegation in Brussels since 1983 and he has been a full member of EU Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries (FoodDrinkEurope) since 1986.

Country: Spain
Address: Velázquez, 64 – 3ª – 28001 Madrid
Phone: +34 91 411 72 11
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