Project Description (short)

The overall objective of the GREENFOODS project is to lead the European food and beverage industry to high energy efficiency and reduction of fossil carbon emissions in order to ensure and foster the world wide competitiveness, improve the security of energy supply and guarantee the sustainable production in Europe. The GREENFOODS branch concept will guide the user to identify tailor-made solutions for “green production” for SMEs in the different subsectors in the food and beverage industry by combining technological expertise with knowledge on energy efficiency and renewable resources resulting in clear strategies for SMEs for process optimisation and energy supply towards a production without fossil carbon emissions. Furthermore, the GREENFOODS training module integrated as a sector-specific training module in existing energy management trainings such as the European Energy Manager as well as a stand-alone course will be established. Special funding schemes will be developed to facilitate the implementation of identified energy efficiency potentials in SMEs by comparing and analysing existing funding systems. Applying the GREENFOODS approach, 200 energy audits will be performed including 20 detailed audits and 5 selected SMEs for the implementation of the concepts. In the participating countries “virtual energy competence centres – VECC” will be installed and will work as one stop shop service centre.

Project results targeted:

  • The usage of the GREENFOODS branch concept in 200 SMEs of the food and beverage industry including a calculation tool for energy balance, heat integration and process optimization, calculation tool for efficient heat and cold supply, for the integration of renewable energy (biomass and biogas boilers and burners, solar process heat, high temperature industrial heat pumps, absorption cooling and CHP), for economic and environmental considerations, country-specific funding and guidelines.
  • A GREENFOODS training course developed as a standalone training programme and implemented within the European Energy Manager (EUREM or equivalent) for at least 150 energy auditors, industrial technicians and other relevant actors in the field of industrial energy efficiency. 60 trainers will be educated in special GREENFOODS “train the trainer” courses.
  • Development and presentation of sector-specific funding schemes for energy audits and investment funding schemes for energy efficiency measures and renewable energy in the industry in each participating countries (AT, DE, ES, PL, UK) plus France in order to implement at least 5 best practice case studies during the action.
  • Implementation of at least 6 virtual energy competence centres (VECC) in each participating country plus France as one-stop-shops for knowledge exchange, trainings, renting equipment, etc. that will be connected to a European network with approximately 240 members in the first year.
  • Dissemination activities for raising awareness and for widespread dissemination of the project results on the EU level. Creation of an interactive compendium (data base) based on a GREENFOODS WikiWeb. At least 2,000 companies of the food and beverage industries will get in contact with the GREENFOODS branch concept during this action.