Here you can download the Final Report and the Deliverables of GREENFOODS project. Please select the preferred Publication and click to open in new page or right-click to download.

Deliverable Nr. Deliverable Description Download File
D1.3 Final publishable result oriented report D1.03
D2.1 Preliminary study of sub-branches of the food and beverage industry with high potentials for energy savings, optimizations and integration of RES heat into industrial processes D2.01
D2.3 GREENFOODS branch concept basic version D2.03
D2.4 Establishment of virtual national energy competence centres D2.04
D2.5 GREENFOODS branch concept interim and final version See Download section
D2.6 GREENFOODS WikiWeb – basic D2.06
D2.7 GREENFOODS WikiWeb – interim and final version D2.07
D2.9 Promotion material on the virtual competence centres and dissemination of establishment of contact points D2.09
D3.1 Data and company acquisition consisting of a factsheet including the companies part of the basic and detailed audits D3.01
D3.2 Detailed analysis in 20 companies consisting of a factsheet summarising the data of the audits  D3.02
D3.3 Detailed implementation concept in 5 companies consisting of a basic engineering report usable as best practice case studies  D3.03
D4.1 1x mapping of existing funding programmes in the partners’ countries  D4.01
D4.2 1x transnational survey  D4.02
D4.3 1x best-practice guide (digital & 50 printed copies per partner) draft version available in internal section  D4.03
D4.4 1x tailor-made funding programme including national differences where necessary  D4.04
D5.1 1x training curriculum and 1x training manual  D5.01 report
D5.01 curr
D5.2. Implementation of 6 training courses (at least 1 per partner country (AT, DE, UK, ES, PL, F)  D5.02
D5.4 Electronic and paper based training programme manuals in all partners’ languages (English, German, Spanish, Polish, French)  pease get in touch with Juergen Fluch to get access
D6.3 Website with regular updates  D6.03
D6.4. Final conference  D6.04
D6.5 Press releases  D6.05
D6.6 Newsletters  D6.06
D6.7 Establishment of social media and regular updates  D6.07
D6.8 1 participation in a conference per partner  D6.08
D6.9 2 leaflets available as part of the final publishable report  D6.09
D6.10 Poster as part of the final publishable report  D6.10
D6.11 Final promotional brochure as part of the final publishable report  D6.11
D6.12 2 GREENFOODS articles per partner in international and/or national journal  D6.12