GREENFOODS trainings

Within GREENFOODS a tailor-made training for the European food and beverage industry was developed and in each partner countries performed. The training is dealing with energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energy based on a detailed evaluation of the status quo, using the GREENFODs branch concept (tool and WikiWeb). Actually the following trainings are planned in the partner countries:

please get in touch with Juergen Fluch to get access to training materials


GREENFOODS training in Graz (Austria) 27. – 29. November 2018
Contact data: Juergen Fluch


GREENFOODS training in Salzburg (Austria) 06. – 08. November 2017 – done
Contact data: Juergen Fluch

GREENFOODS training in Vienna (Austria) 25. – 27. April 2017 – done
Contact data: Juergen Fluch

GREENFOODS training in Linz (Austria) 04. – 06. October 2016 – done
Contact data:
Juergen Fluch

GREENFOODS training in Graz (Austria) 16. – 18. November 2015 – done
Contact data:
Juergen Fluch

GREENFOODS training in Warsaw (Poland) 17. – 20. November 2015 – done
Contact data: Monika Jarzemska

GREENFOODS training in Bordeaux (France) 19. – 21. October 2015 – done
Contact data: Nicolas Nath

GREENFOODS training in Kassel (Germany) 10. – 12. Juni 2015 – done
Contact data: Barbara Sturm

GREENFOODS training in Warsaw (Poland) 11. – 15. May 2015 – done
Contact data: Monika Jarzemska

GREENFOODS training in Newcastle (UK) 27. – 29. April 2015 – done
Contact data: Chian Chan

GREENFOODS-Training in Wien (Austria) 4. - 6. March 2015 – done
Contact data: Juergen Fluch

GREENFOODS-Training in Spain
(Curso presencial en Madrid, España)  Marzo 2015 – done

training2The objective of the training module is providing a specific recognised qualification on energy efficiency in the food industry, by means of learning on specific tools directed to energy savings, use of renewables and CO2 reduction.

The preferred trainee qualification profile would be a professional with good knowledge on energy and processes, certain management skills, decision competences in tasks and budgets, access to the top management for easy decissions uptake, experience in operational project work, used to work with calculation tools and preparation of reports.

Ideally, the training is directed to plant managers, production managers, process engineers, operation technicians, other energy-related engineers, consultants and food industry equipment suppliers and installers

The training is prepared to be developed in class, with a total duration of 24 to 40 hours in whole-day sessions (8h) or partial sessions (4h) depending on the country. Optionally, the module might include a visit to a food industry and a final work by the trainee, related to an improvement of a food industry.

At the end of the training the students will answer to a test to demonstrate the acquired knowledge and receive the certificate, supported by the GREENFOODS project in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme of the European Commission.

The content of the training module includes the background from a group of well-experienced experts, partners of GREENFOODS, and the expertise gained during the project:


  • Theoretical explanations on flow diagrams, consumption processes, energy balances, innovative technologies, etc. from the food industry
  • The “branch concept“ tool practical use, specific for this sector
  • Examples of recent energy audits results and best practices
  • Project economic analysis and funding schemes (economy calculations in Excel files)

More information on dates and conditions to participate in the training can be seen on the top of the page, further dates will follow for spring 2015 in Austria, Germany, Poland, Spain, UK and France.