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GREENFOODS has established a network of national Virtual Energy Competence Centres (VECC) in Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK. These Centres are acting as one-stop-shops offering information for interested SMEs, consultants and managers on available trainings, optimization measures, knowledge transfer, measurement equipment rental, funding, consultancy, networking, etc.

The VECC are organised within the framework of the GREENFOODS network. Gathered information of the project but also beyond the project are offered there to interested strongly linked to the information available online on the website but also the WikiWeb. This is further extended by all developed reports of the project on

  • the branch concept,
  • performed audits and implemented measures,
  • available country-specific funding and financing schmes,
  • recommandations on tailor-made funding and financing schemes for SMEs,
  • upcoming trainings,
  • listed experts,
  • etc.

The Virtual Energy Competence Centres offer interested people of the target group information and support for steps to increase energy efficiency in the European food and beverage industry. They are the first address/entry point for request related to energy in the food and drink industry. Due to the fact that these centres are integrated within a European network of experts the food and drink industry should receive fast and high quality support. Detailed contact data of your national VECC can be found here: Contact