GREENFOODS WikiWeb – a WIKI-based data system for energy efficiency and renewable energy in the food and beverage sector

The GREENFOODS WikiWeb is a free online compendium of energy efficiency measures and integration of renewable energy at the process and system levels. This living document compiles tailor-made information about process and unit operations, alternative techniques for energy efficiency and renewable energy, case studies, etc. specific for the various sub-sectors of the food and beverage industry as the milk industry, bakeries, meat processing, fruit and vegetable processing, breweries and others. The main structure of GREENFOODS WikiWeb is a matrix where different unit operations are listed as they occur in the sectors of the food and beverage industry. .

Furthermore, it is strongly linked to the GREENFOODS branch concept including the handbook and provides information on listed GREENFOODS experts, trainings, events and case studies. In this way the information is collected in a central repository, can easily be accessed by members and users and will immediately be notified if changes have been made. All interested are invitied to participate as active users and information providers.

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